Police round up 10 escaped horses running loose in Tacoma, Wash.

Police in Tacoma, Wash., “got in touch with their inner cowboy” when they responded to the city’s South End to help round up 10 horses running loose after escaping from their owners’ property.

The Tacoma Police Department said officers responded Wednesday on a report of horses running loose on East McKinley Avenue.

Officers arrived to find 10 horses had escaped from a nearby property and some of the animals were running loose in traffic.

Police said traffic was backed up for about a half hour as officers worked to help the owners round up the animals.

Police spokeswoman Wendy Haddow said officers herded the horses toward the property while the owners used buckets of grain to lure them home.

“They got in touch with their inner cowboy,” Haddow told The News Tribune.

Haddow said investigators found the horses had escaped when someone cut the lock from a gate. She said police do not know who was responsible for the cut lock.