Flight attendant, pilot get engaged in mid-flight proposal

Passengers aboard an Alaska Airlines flight were treated to a romantic spectacle when a flight attendant proposed to her girlfriend, a pilot, in mid-flight.

The airline said flight attendant Veronica Rojas got permission from officials to stage a proposal to her girlfriend, Alejandra Moncayo, during a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Rojas convinced Moncayo to accompany her on the flight, which turned out to be on the airline’s Pride in the Sky plane, which was specially decorated for Pride month.

Rojas got on the PA about halfway through the flight and asked Moncayo, who was recently hired by Alaska Airlines as a pilot, to marry her.

The pair met aboard an Alaska Airlines flight in 2020.

The airline said Moncayo had a surprise of her own — once the plane landed, she executed her own pre-planned proposal.

“It’s awesome, I feel very, very loved today,” Moncayo said in the Alaska Airlines announcement. “Alaska has always been my number one forever. I can definitely tell how much they care.”